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Title Testimonials

"Working with Marisa on November Lies proved one thing to us: Marisa is one talented, dedicated and driven individual who strives not only to hit the mark with her craft, but is also a team player who gives her all for the good of the production. As a DP, I work very closely with all the actors, and she is a consummate professional and a joy to be with on and off set."
Jose Luis G. Gonzalez, CJS Productions

"Marisa has the ability to create such a rich, extensive, and sometime explosive emotional life for any character she plays. Through her inspiring performance we are taken on a fantastic roller coaster ride leaving us breathless for what will come next. As a filmmaker she makes my job easy. All I have to do is say "action" and the rest is history. It is truly a pleasure to work with such an inspiring artist."
Angelique Letizia, Director, STARR FILMS

"Working with Marisa was a joy. Forget how professional she was, her real passion for the part came out on every take and it transcended the role. I hope we work together again in the future."
Christopher J. Scott, Director, GREAT SCOTT FILMS

"Marisa Vitali will be in many more of my films. I like to surround myself with intelligent people that get it. Marisa gets it. And doesn't need much. She shows up prepared and delivers a naturalistic performance with so much depth. More than a director can ask for."
Chris Martini, Writer, Director, TRIPLE MARTINI FILMS

"I have a tight nit group of actors I love to work with. Knowing how particular I am about the type of actor I prefer working with, a dear friend recommended Marisa to me. Not only was that the best recommendation I'd received in years, it was possibly the best recommendation I'd been given in my 15 years in the business. Marisa is a true talent. She brings the same energy and exploration to every take as though it were the first. And for her a first take is not a 'warm-up'. She dives in full force and maintains it throughout. Add to that her beauty, humor and mutual admiration of this wonderful craft and you have an actor i not only look forward to working with for years to come, but one I can not wait to see in other filmmakers' works as well. An undiscovered star."